The Secretary of the Center is open every day from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on a continuative, non-stop schedule.
The Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday. All enquiries and reservations can be carried out at either the office or by phone. In the case of complex or peculiar requests, the patient can be invited to present the original medical prescription or to send it by fax.

The examinations, their reports and the administrative papers can be collected from the Secretary during all the working hours of the Center. In order to prevent waiting and queuing, two operators are always available at the Reception desk during busy hours.


The reservation waiting times for the medical services of our Center are very short compared to other similar institutes of this sector in the Milan area.

For the services performed within the N.H.S., the waiting times are lower than the maximum times established by our health care rules (Lombardy Region).

The services performed on a private basis refer to different waiting-lists and are based on different working-time schedules. In that case, the reservation times are considerably shorter and they usually do not exceed 1-2 days.

The collection times of the examinations and reports are usually 2-3 days. This time can be reduced to one day in the case of medical urgency or following a justified request by the patient.


The Center is accredited to the N.H.S. (Lombardy Region) for Diagnostic Imaging and Physical Therapy. For these sectors, many services can be obtained following an official N.H.S. medical prescription, written on a numbered pink sheet (the so called “impegnativa”). In this case, the services are submitted to the rules and the limitations established by regional and national laws. For N.H.S. services, a fee is required to be paid by the patient in many cases (the so called “ticket”): its amount is fixed by law. More information about all these subjects can be found on the website of the regional health authority (

The Center performs all its services on a private basis too, with different waiting and working time schedules. In this case, the official N.H.S. medical prescription (the so called “impegnativa”) is not needed. Further details about prices, times and waiting for private services can be obtained from the Reception. In addition, the Center has agreements with the most important private health care insurance companies and fund systems, including FISDE, ALDAI etc. In these cases, reduced fees are applied while the waiting time schedules are the same as for standard private services. The patients belonging to these systems under agreement must declare it and exhibit their personal card at the Reception before the administrative procedures take place.
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