The Medical Diagnostic Center of San Donato Milanese (Centro Servizi Diagnostici) is composed of two main sections: that are strictly integrated together.


The Diagnostic Imaging department includes Radiology and Ultrasonography: both are involved in Diagnostic Senology.


The radiological equipment of the Center allows us to perform most of the current x-ray examinations, CT and contrast-media procedures excluded. All our diagnostic units are of the latest models and they are equipped with automatic exposure control. The examinations are performed with high-speed rare earth intensifying screens. All these devices are used to minimize the patient’s amount of radiation exposure.

The x-ray examinations that are performed in the Center are as follows:


Ultrasound diagnosis is one of the outstanding points of the Center, thanks also to the leadership and the continuous care of its director prof. Renato Nessi M.D. from the University of Milan, who was one of the pioneers of soft tissue ultrasonography in early eighties.
All the main ultrasound examinations can be performed within the Center, except obstetric, ocular and echocardiographic sonographies. In particular: The reports of all the ultrasound examination are completed with a full documentation of diagnostic images, both in b/w and color pictures, presented in explaining sheets.


The Senological Diagnosis unit of the Center performs mainly Mammography and Breast Ultrasound. Both are directly supervised by prof. Renato Nessi M.D., who comes from a long-term experience in this field.

All our senological examinations are performed as clinical and instrumental procedures. This means that they are always associated with the clinical examination of the patient and of her breasts. Our Center does not perform “blind” screening mammography.


The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation unit of the Center is headed by mr. Gustavo Hauser, physiokinesitherapist, under orthopaedic and physiatric supervision. This unit performs instrumental therapies (Physiotherapy) as well as manual rehabilitations (Massages and Kinesitherapy).

The instrumental treatments include: The manual rehabilitations, that are always performed by qualified personnel, include: The TECAR therapy too is always performed personally by a massotherapist.

In addition, our unit makes it possible to treat many acute and chronic pathological conditions of tendons, muscles and joints with: Shock-wave therapy is always performed personally by an orthopaedic Physician.

All these procedures are always undertaken following a medical prescription. In the absence of it, however, the medical staff of the Center may suggest a valuable therapeutic program to be submitted to the attending Physician.
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